About the FMRevolution

The Family Medicine Revolution was born in 2011. Regaining control of our family medicine story is only the beginning. The #FMRevolution community achieved success by telling our story in our own words. Our challenge is to recapture joy in our everyday work as family doctors in today’s complex, fragmented health care environment. It starts with tapping into our sense of purpose and mission.

1. “Become the physician you wrote about in your personal statement.”

Family physicians and other primary care providers realize we are better than at what the status quo values us and we need to 'revolt' against the currently fragmented health care delivery machine that exists right now.

2. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

The general public and health care system at-large see our anti-establishment health care reform movement and embrace it.

3. “Become the leaders our health care system and nations need us to be.”

We must now be so bold to assume control of the health care story because #HealthIsPrimary and we must #MakeHealthPrimary.

#FMRevolution Stories

“The spirit of wanting to make a difference is what drives me to be the family doctor and physician leader I am today. This is what gives me joy in my work. I suspect this is what gives you joy, too.”
Jay Lee, MD, MPH
Family Physician in California

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