Battle Planning for the #FMRevolution: Strategic Questions

July 29, 2012
Jay Lee, MD, MPH

1. What tactical advantages (i.e., strengths) does your organization possess to be successful?

2. What battle vulnerabilities (i.e., weaknesses) threaten our success?

3. What do our troops look like – how will different membership segments be engaged in the battle?

4. What story/stories must we be able to tell to win the battle and to whom?

5. What skills will family physicians, and staff, need to win the battle?

6. With what other troops (organizations) must your organization work to move the Revolution forward?

7. What collateral damage are we willing to accept to win the Revolution?

8. What assets – fiscal, volunteer, staff, other – will be required?

9. What legislation/regulation must be enacted to achieve our target areas of interest (success)?

10. What significant changes in the environment will cause us to alter our battle plans?

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